link.png Yasmine Beale - Dreams Cum True

Dreams Cum True

Dreams Cum True

Yasmine, 44, is a therapist. James, her 20-year-old patient, tells her that he's been having dreams about his friends' moms.

"What are they doing to you?" Yasmine asks.

"They're always going for my pants," he says. "I can't have a dream with a girl my age. It's always some older woman."

Yasmine smiles. She tries to be professional, but she can't help herself. She crosses her legs.

"They cup my balls. They work my shaft," he goes on. "What kind of younger man like myself thinks about older women all the time?"

He's been having these dreams two or three times a night. Now his dream is about to come true. Yasmine leans over and strokes his cock through his pants. Then she takes his dick out and sucks it. Then she rides it. Then he cums on her face.

Looks like James is going to keep having those dreams. And there's nothing wrong with that.

This is Yasmine's first hardcore video. She's married and the mother of four. She's not a nudist or a swinger. She's just a horny woman who walked into our studio looking for a new adventure.

There's nothing wrong with that, either.

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link.png Summer Meadows - Summer Meadows Of Creampie

Summer Meadows Of Creampie

Summer Meadows Of Creampie

"I love to dress sexy. I like the attention I get from men," Summer Meadows, now 48 years old, said when she made her debut. Here, she's dressed sexy but we wouldn't call it slutty. She's showing cleavage and her skirt is short, but this is the kind of outfit you could easily see a woman such as Summer wearing when she's out and about on a sunny afternoon.

But then, Summer's clothes come off. Juan pulls aside her panties and eats her bare pussy. She sucks his dick and rides his cock. He opens up her legs so he can fuck her in the missionary position. He leaves his load inside her pussy, and we get to watch it stream out, down her taint and into her asshole. Finally, Summer looks into the camera and spreads her pink cunt so we can inspect the sloppy mess. She has that look in the eye, the look that says, "I'm a slut, aren't I?" Well, no, Summer, you're not a slut. But sometimes it's okay to act like one.

"That's the wild side I told you about," Summer said.

Summer is a MILF from outside New York City. She likes younger guys "because they are so sweet and sexy." She has been a correctional officer, a private eye and a stripper. When we asked her how often she has sex, she said, "Not as often as I'd like to."

We're working on that.

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link.png Brynn Hunter - Long-Legged Brynn's First Time

Long-Legged Brynn's First Time

Long-Legged Brynn's First Time

"I'm 30% assertive, 70% passive and 100% playful," said Brynn Hunter, a 45-year-old, long-legged blonde from Southern California. Brynn is a divorcee and a mom, but most important, she's 5'10" tall and just 120 pounds, which means she'd look great with those legs wrapped around your back. When a woman is as slender as Brynn, a cock looks especially big in her pussy, and Brynn's grips that big dick good in these photos.

Brynn used to work in financial services, meaning stocks and bonds, but she never had as much fun as she had in our studio.

"This is great!" she said. "I get to have sex with porn studs!"

Brynn isn't a swinger, but she has attended some swinging parties. She isn't a nudist. She says her family would be surprised to see her here but her friends wouldn't. She has sex at least four times a week, and when we asked her if she'd ever had sex with a much-younger man, she said, "Does 20 years younger count?"

Yes, it counts, Brynn. And, for the record, the guy she's sucking and fucking in this scene is 21 years her junior.

Welcome to, Brynn!

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link.png Diandra - Diandra Cums Again

Diandra Cums Again

Diandra Cums Again

"I'm a sex addict. I'm doing it every day sometimes and more than two dozen times in a week," said 44-year-old Diandra from Virginia.

Diandra wants you between her legs, where you can look up at her pretty face, perky tits and tight stomach while she bounces on your cock and cums.

"I love to be on top most of the time: during foreplay, riding and after sex. It also satisfies me to give, give, give. I'm all about blow jobs when I'm really into the guy, and I love when he shoots himself all over my belly or my ass, especially after I'm the one doing the jerking! Then he can watch me get myself off till I cum, or he can help out."

Diandra had never had sex with a much-younger man until she came to and fucked a 24-year-old. She's worked as a graphic designer, travel agent, personal trainer and as a feature dancer at strip clubs. And unlike many of our models, Diandra is not a swinger. She also doesn't have any children. So what does she do with all her free time?

"Explore and have fun! I love going on 'wine-me, dine-me' dates. I also like role playing and having another sexy woman watch me while I fuck a man. I also have the random three-way, too. Basically I'm just living life to the max!"

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link.png Tahnee Taylor - The Big-Titted Blond And The Big-Cocked Stud

The Big-Titted Blond And The Big-Cocked Stud

The Big-Titted Blond And The Big-Cocked Stud

A big-titted blonde with a big-cocked porn stud. That's what this scene is all about as 47-year-old Tahnee Taylor tugs and sucks Johnny's big, thick dick (has him tit-fuck her, too, because not doing so would be a waste of her natural talents). Then she takes his sloppy load in her mouth.

"I usually wait for the guy to make the first move," Tahnee told us. "I don't like to be rejected."

Rejected? What is she talking about? Has Tahnee looked in the mirror lately? It's hard to imagine any man-especially one who loves beautiful, mature blondes with longs legs and big, natural tits-rejecting Tahnee. But we're sure she knows that. It's just that she's shy (or so she says). And modest. Even though her chest isn't modest. Not at all.

Tahnee first came to our attention in 2007 when a freelance photographer submitted a photo set of her for 40Something magazine. She had been out of our lives (but not our thoughts) for several years when, early this year, she contacted our studio and asked if we were interested in shooting her. Yeah, we were!

I've had people say to me me, 'Could you please tell your titties to stop staring at my eyeballs.' And I go, 'What? Would you say that again?' I don't mind. It's funny. It's flattering. I like that people look."

Tahnee is divorced. She lives in San Diego, California.

"I like being blindfolded while having sex," she said. "I get turned on when I'm having oral sex while being blindfolded, giving or getting. There's something about losing one sensory perception that heightens the other."

We're guessing no guy ever wants to be blindfolded when Tahnee's around.

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link.png Laura Layne - Welcome The New Hot Mama

Welcome The New Hot Mama

Welcome The New Hot Mama

Meet a new 51-year-old blonde with a killer body and a fuck-me face. She's Laura Layne. Laura calls herself Hotwife and after you see this lava-hot pictorial, you'll agree. Laura became a swinger after she got divorced. She's got a new husband who loves to see her having horny, nasty sex. 50PlusMILFS found Laura on Twitter and invited her to join the big party.

Laura is eager to show her ass to Rocky and the camera. He squeezes her butt cheeks, spreads and fingers her cunt and two-fingers her tight asshole. Rocky pulls out his thick prick for Laura to suck on while she spreads her asscheeks for the camera. He spits in her asspipe and snatch and begins fucking her in reverse cowgirl, opening her legs so we can see her hot pussy getting speared.

Laura flips around, fucking his dick in cowgirl and then from the side. Rocky pulls out of her pussy and shoves his meat into Laura's waiting ass. Her moans get louder. He drills Laura's winky sending her into spasms of pleasure, then blasts his cum. Laura's tight ass-grip has drained his bloated balls.

Laura is a cock worshipper. Sex is very important to her. "I have full-on sex at least three times a week. There is some sort of sexual energy in my life daily. Is Laura into anal sex at home? "Yes, hubby is an ass man," Laura says. "I like anal. My husband is obsessed with my ass."

Please welcome a new hot mama to the 50PlusMILFS society, Laura Layne!

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link.png Brooke Tyler - Hard-Bodied Blonde Needs Big, Hard Cock

Hard-Bodied Blonde Needs Big, Hard Cock

Hard-Bodied Blonde Needs Big, Hard Cock

Brooke Tyler is a MILF. She's tall, blonde and busty. She knows how to dress to show off her big tits, long legs and curvy body. She knows how to work her ass. Shaggy shows up. He's young and lucky. He's lucky because Brooke is extremely horny, and Brooke has already been playing with her pussy for a while, so she's ready for his cock.

His cock? Any cock!

Brooke, who's 46 and from Ohio, is not like those young girls who get so stuck up on their hot bodies that they think men should kneel at their feet for the right to fuck them. Brooke loves to fuck, and when she tells Shaggy, "Cum on my fucking face," she means it. And, when you see the video, you'll see that Brooke is not content to let the dude jack himself off onto her face. She's so ravenous that she uses two hands and works him like a jammed fire hose until she squeezes out a massive load that covers her face with goo.

"I dress as sexy as I can get away with," Brooke said. "I love to get stares from all the guys and I love to get all the glares from the wives and girlfriends. I work hard to keep my body hot and sexy, and, baby, I am going to show it off!"

Great job, Brooke.

By the way, Brooke said that the first time she had sex, she was "scared to death."

She's not scared anymore. Not of cock. Another reason we love mature women.

46 years old.

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link.png Brooke Tyler - What Do You Give A Horny MILF? A Hard Cock!

What Do You Give A Horny MILF? A Hard Cock!

What Do You Give A Horny MILF? A Hard Cock!

When this scene opens, 46-year-old MILF Brooke Tyler is playing with herself. We could say she's dressed, but that would be an overstatement. There is a leopard-skin print dress on her body, but her big, firm, fake tits are out and so is her pussy. She's playing with that pussy.

"Now I need a real cock," Brooke says as she spreads her legs further and slaps her pink cunt.

"A nice, big, hard cock would feel good," she says.

Brooke asks. delivers!

She licks her sticky pussy juices off her fingers. Her stud shows up. He sucks her tits. He eats her pussy.

"Do you have something for me?" Brooke asks.

Of course he does. She sucks his cock. She lowers her shaved pussy down onto his stiff rod and gyrates on top of it. She takes a deep, hard fucking that turns her cunt inside-out. She jacks him off onto her tits and face.

Very simple. Very jackable. No plot. Just Brooke Tyler in action. Works for us.

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link.png Laura Layne - MILF Undercover

MILF Undercover

MILF Undercover

Among other things, 51-year-old Laura Layne is a phone sex operator. This curvy MILF measures 34DD-28-36. She lives in Arizona where she likes to skinny dip in her pool and tan naked. She's a divorced and remarried swinger. This former California girl obviously loves to fuck, but don't take our word for it. Laura will tell you just how much she likes being naked, swinging, anal, hiking and being a phone sex operator.

40SOMETHING: Before you got divorced, was swinging something you ever thought you would do?

LAURA: I thought about it, but I didn't have a willing partner. You know, he was a little too uptight.

40SOMETHING: Do you feel you've always been a sexually open person?

LAURA: Always, always. Up until I got married I was ready to start living life. Then I got married and it was like everything stopped. But I tried, I gave it shot. It didn't work out. So I knew right then and there once I got divorced I was going to experience life the way I should have.

40SOMETHING: When you were younger and married, did you ever think it was possible that you would end up having sex on-camera?

LAURA: No, I didn't think that at all.

40SOMETHING: But you were still open to things.

LAURA: I was open to things. I had hopes that something different was going to happen. I knew. I had a feeling about it, but I wasn't sure how or what it was going to be.

40SOMETHING: Do you have a pool where you live?

LAURA: Oh yeah. I wouldn't live in Arizona without a pool. It's rare that I put on a bathing suit.

40SOMETHING: Have neighbors ever caught you?

LAURA: Oh yeah. If we're outside then our dogs are outside, so they can hear there's activity going on. More than likely that's when the neighbor behind us--he has a two-story house and a balcony--steps out. I know he works at night and he's home in the day. So if he wants to peek out, he does. He hasn't said anything, but I kind of know he's there.

40SOMETHING: So, right?

LAURA: Sex, yes. There's always some form of sex going on in my life daily, whether it's full-on sex, a quickie, a blow job or sexual conversation. And I'm not talking about phone sex. I mean in my regular, everyday life with my husband. There's always some sort of sexual energy going on.

40SOMETHING: Now what is this about a lifeguard station?

LAURA: I had heard of female ejaculation or squirting. It was when I was still living in California, and it was sunset and we'd had a glass or two of wine. We were walking around and made it up to an empty lifeguard station. And well, he started fingering me and playing with me. We were getting all excited. I could feel something different, but I wasn't really quite sure what it was. I was like, "Okay, what is this?" Next thing you know my legs were drenched, my inner thighs were drenched. I had squirted. It was so earth-shattering that my legs were shaking and I could not get down from the lifeguard station. I had to stay there for a bit.

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link.png Val Kambel - No talk, all action

No talk, all action

No talk, all action

Val Kambel says she's sexually passive, but in this scene (her first video fuck), Val is definitely the aggressor, licking up and down the stud's chest, then sucking his balls, then taking his cock deep into her mouth. How deep? Very deep. As deep as possible without swallowing his balls, too. She deep-throats him all the way. Then she rides his cock. Then she spreads her stockinged legs for a deep fucking. Then she has him cum in her pussy.

Val doesn't say much in this video. If you want to hear her talk, check out her video interview. She'll tell you that she's a 53-year-old construction worker and former nurse. That she's a mother and a grandmother. That she was born in Atlanta, Georgia and now lives in Florida. That she's fulfilling her fantasy--sexual and otherwise--by being here.

But if you want to watch a hot, busty, older woman enjoying herself with a guy who's 30 years younger than her, you've come to the right place.

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